Kids Clothes Week Day 3- Keeping it simple

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I had planned to post a dress today but I'm not quite finished it so I went with some very simple ties for a friend's gentleman. I can't wait to see these on him in his Valentine's Day picture.

See you couldn't wait either. My cuddly little buddy Luke's momma took these adorable photos:

And because I can't forget his equally gorgeous sister, here is one of stunning Miss Lila

I think a little boy in a tie is just sharp! Case and point:

Isn't he handsome? I just love my little guy (and he's usually pretty good with posing too...) 

Ozzy has a collection of ties but I'm on the hunt for a longer pattern for him. He is too tall for the pattern I usually use and my last two attempts at making the pattern "fit" him did not work out so well. For the tie above I used this pattern from Sharing the wealth for the neck tie and this tutorial from Lemon Squeezy Home for the bow ties. They are all on elastic because it's easy and I think that I get a better fit that way.

Fingers crossed that the kids will be well and will allow me the time to finish the new dress for tomorrow.

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