Whole 30 Meal Plan Week 4

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I admit I almost called time out on the Whole 30 this week. My kids won't eat anything and it is beyond frustrating to have spent all that time prepping and cooking for the week and still having to cook something at dinner time for the kids. I know I shouldn't do that but they truly are refusing to eat and I can not solely feed them scrambled eggs every meal.

I am only cooking for one week this time. That way I won't spend so much time in the kitchen on Sunday and we'll have a little more variety. Here's the plan

photo credit: photos are from the blogs that the recipes link to.

Bacon pancakes
Peppers, sausage and eggs

Left overs
Tuna fish patties/ salad
Chicken soup (I'll blitz the veggies used to make the broth to thicken the soup a little. Thank you to the Fabulous Kelly H for that tip!)

Bunless burger with baked sweet potato "fries"
Slow cooker Southwest Chicken
BBQ Chicken stuffed Sweet Potatos (This is by far my favorite Whole 30 friendly meal yet. I did add Epicure Roasted Red Pepper spice it the sauce and what a kick it gave!)
Beef Stew
Pork roast, carrots and Brussel Sprouts

Once a Month Meals (formerly Once a Month Mom) has some great menus and I'm grateful for their diversity. I've found so many great food blogs as a result of clicking a link to a recipe! Also makes my list making a bit easier. One of these days I should pay for a membership and have all the work (save for paying for the groceries and meal assembly) done for me....That would be a great gift if anyone is pondering what to get me for any a special Just because it's Saturday gift? lol

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