1 year ago yesterday!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm a bit of a slacker I know...I didn't get on my pc once yesterday so this post is a day behind.

A big Congratulations to RyLee and Clay on their first wedding anniversary! This time last year we were all in Nashville enjoying a great day after wedding brunch and gift opening in nice weather! They had a lovely wedding and we were very fortunate to have been able to travel down and be there for them. ( Now if I could figure out how to post pictures- Insert here...picture of the happy couple!)

I love weddings. There is something so romantic and endearing about two people committing to be together through thick and thin for their lifetime. There have been so many great weddings in the past couple of years. What makes them great is that you can see the love that the two people share for each other and it just radiates through the whole group. At least it does when you are a hopeless romantic like me!


  1. romantic and endearing..good lord. :P

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  3. Yes I'm a dork.....btw Mom asked when you and Derrick were getting hitched! LOL


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