Wonderful surprise!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I was finally getting a long overdue haircut last night around 5pm when my cell phone started ringing like crazy. It was my mother! Thanks to the usual tardiness of Air Canada she had missed her connecting flight and would be in Halifax for 5 hours!

As soon as my hair was cut I got to the airport. Mom and I had a great visit. I missed home and my family so much and seeing Mom was a nice push to get me through until my next visit home in May. We had dinner at East Side Marios and then wandered around the mall chatting. It was a great evening. I was sad to drop her off at the airport but I'll take any spare moment I can get with my family. What a great way to change up my week.

On the down side I discovered my feet are swelling already. I waited all winter to wear my awsome red shoes..and by the time I got to the mall with Mom I had to buy a pair of flip flops... seeing teh baby at the ultrasound today had better make giving up my red shoes worth it!!! :p

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