Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So how many change of address forms do you expect to submit before they get it right. I sent in a change of address form when we moved to our new house and then again in October...well they sent my income tax return to my old appartment. It hasn't come back to them yet so it will be another few weeks before I get it. Unreal. I feel like the gov't has a soft spot for me and likes to screw with my finacial plans on an annual basis. I'm going to drop by the appartment building at lunch today to see if it happens to still be there, hopefully yes so that I can get my moola...if not I have to wait for it to be returned...what if they don't return it? This is so frustrtating...the best laid plans.......

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  1. That really, really sucks. It happened to me once and I was told it would take anywhere from 6-9 months for the changes to be final for sure.... gotta love that. I'm sure I'm in for a gongshow again when we move...


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