Hump day update

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So I didn't lose any weight last week. I'm not surprised given that I only got one workout and a yoga class in. I'm going to start cardio two-three days a week at work. We have a gym so I might as well use it! This week my goal is to get the 30 Day Shred done 3 times and to do my yoga class. I cut out my daily Starbucks (mostly because the gift cards ran out) and I have managed to stay on point every day so far.

I'm going to post a new recipe every week as I try to take my favourite foods and try to make them fit into my new way of eating. I will completely fail if I can't have things that I love so right now I'm working on some of my favourite soups. Below is a soup I reworked last week. It was so delicious!

Austin is finally on the mend! I'm so happy that my little boy is acting like himself again. He is eating and sleeping all-night and full of mischief! Last night he took all the baskets off the kitchen caddy and climbed up on the shelf and slid through to the other side. It was so cute. He is saying "happy" now. I was trying to teach him to sing Happy Birthday but so far no dice. He does start the happy part and then he sings his own song. Too cute!

Gordon and I are going on a date Friday night. I'm really looking forward to having some down time. I hate how I was adamant that a baby would not change the time I spent with Gordon and he totally has. We decided that we would start making a real serious effort to spend more time together. I really need that too. G is such an awesome guy and I really have fun with him. Friday night should be fun. I have no idea what we are going to do but I'm sure we'll have fun.

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