Sick boys and stiff legs

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well it has been an interesting week. Austin has been very sick and I am exhausted. It all started on Friday when Austin came home from Kelly’s. He got through the door and wanted to cuddle. By 6pm he had a fever of 104 and the next thing I know he started throwing up. I have honestly never seen so much come out of someone so small! We decided to take him to the walk in clinic. The Dr at the clinic took a look and said that he didn’t have an ear infection and that if his fever didn’t break to take him to the IWK. Gordon was also feeling like crap and I thought he had an ear infection but it turns out his ears are just still clogged from the flights home.

Saturday started out as a normal day…well as normal as it can be when your child doesn’t sleep all night. G and I tried to get all the Christmas decorations down while trying to feed Austin (he refused food all day…not like him at all). At 5pm he became very clinging and attached and at 6pm he had a fever of 104. We decided to pack him up and bring him to the IWK. 5.5 hours, a pee test and a chest x-ray later we went home. Chest is clear, no ear, kidney or bladder infections. No sleep for mom and dad either.

Sunday Austin was acting more like himself and his temp was down to 100 so we went to get some groceries. We got home from the grocery store at 5pm. He became attached and by 6pm had a fever of 104. I decided to take him back to the IWK in the morning if his doc couldn’t see him.

Monday I find out that his doc is away so back down to the IWK we go. This time they say that he does have an ear infection and gave him antibiotics. I’m not sure that they are 100% right and have an appt to see his doc Thursday morning. He isn’t eating much and isn’t sleeping unless it is on or with someone.

Given all of this, I’m not surprised that I haven’t totally been on track this week. I did manage to stay on points so far and got my workout in yesterday. The plan is to do the 30 Day Shred 4 times this week, plus my yoga class on Thursday night…although one day in and my legs are killing me….why can’t I just wake up skinny? Although if I could wake up and have anything I want I think it would be to win the lottery so that I could stay home with Austin…skinny I can pay for! Lol!

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