Attempting to embrace the big 3-0!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So in a matter of days (34 hours give or take) I will be turning 30. I have to say that I am not thrilled about the idea. My 20’s have been so defining for me. The things that I have accomplished, experienced and tried have shaped me in major ways and I am scared of the uncertainty that comes with starting this next chapter.

I don’t agree that age is just a number. I really do think that age can impact how we view things. Some people say that 45 is too old to be out all night partying and others think that life begins at 45. I have a problem with the whole “Life begins at…” mindset. It bothers me because it means that whatever happened before said age doesn’t matter, doesn’t affect who you are or how you act. I almost think that at 30, I should be further ahead in my career or that I should have traveled a little more in my 20’s BEFORE I had the responsibilities of a job, house, husband and child. Don’t mistake my wonder about my level of accomplishment as regret because I do not regret any of the choices that I have made (well except for that one choice to drink the vodka before Super Cousin’s 19th birthday….).

I do think that it’s very valid to say, “I found my life’s purpose at…”. I always worked very hard to accomplish the goals that I set out for myself. I worked hard at school and was involved in so many activities and worked part time. I went to university and studied hard (played hard too) and worked practically full time while I did it. I started my job and worked hard to meet my goals and the goals of the organization. My life’s purpose became clear to me the day my son was born. All of the experiences and lessons that I had been through before were preparing me for helping guide his life.

Now being a mother is not the ONLY thing that I am but it affects practically every aspect of my life and directly impacts the decisions that I make. There are days when I want to just go out an shop till I drop…but I don’t because what little free money we have needs to be spent more wisely. There are weekends when I want to stick on a pair of fake eyelashes and go out and get my groove on…but I don’t because I have no idea how to put on fake eyelashes and my friends here have grown out of the downtown scene and the vision of getting up at 6am to a toddler who wants to go “owside” to blow bubbles and look for “planes” after a hard night of drinking just doesn’t appeal to me.

What does appeal to me is good times with good friends, quality time with family, yoga, running and a great blog writing session. I love my skinny vanilla latte and a homemade treat. Cuddling with my boys and kisses from my husband. I love slashing in puddles with Austin and having him "help" me in the kitchen. I love a good phone conversation with my sister.
30 will be fun. 30 will be filled with so many days of growth and change. I can remember being a kid and all of the great times that I had with my friends growing up and how our house was full of friends and cousins all the time.  Of taking pictures of Monkey with a dirty face and lovin' our life.

I have no idea what G has planned for Saturday, I've been told that we'll be getting up, getting dressed and heading out the door. I am going to grab the camera and capture the day.  Hopefully it won't be anything embarrassing, like the time I turned 12 and my mom gave me a bra for a my front of boys! Hopefully the gifts won't be hard to get into like the time I turned 16 and Annette and Jules duck taped a massive box closed....20 minutes later I finally got down to the small box holding the Sweet 16 charm (which I still have btw!). Maybe I will make a stop at Lululemon to get my long desired and awaited sweatshirt courtesy of those same amazing friends (and the Little One!)! I can't believe I can wear a 12 now....that in itself is a great gift!

Come on Saturday! Come on 30 and everything that you will bring with it!

And on a side note...can you believe that this crazy kid is 20 months old?!? Where is the time going. I need to get on planning his birthday party. I have a feeling it will be a "To-mass" theme!!! He loves his apron by the way.


  1. Hope you have a fabulous birthday! I can't believe our "babies" are already 20 months old!

  2. I know! It blows my mind how much they have grown! Those pics of Amelia with the sunglasses as a top had me laughing out loud!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is not crazy excited to turn 30! I have a few months yet to get all anxious about it though!

    It almost seems like to me that the older you get the less you need to be happy and the more you value those simple moments with family and friends!


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