Thirty is treating me well!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sorry to have been such a Debbie Downer on my last post. I let my “glasses” (as in rose coloured) slip for a bit and I was in a little funk. I have so much to be happy about and thought that it was high time I shared with you some great pictures and stories about my fabulous husband and my fantastic friends!

You know from a few posts ago that I was not all that keen on turning thirty. I decided to embrace it, I mean seriously, I could NOT be turning thirty and so thirty is a good thing!

I woke up nice and early on June 19th thanks to my adorable son who felt it necessary to get up at 5:45am to talk to the birds. He helped me open my gifts (a yoga gift certificate and the book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller- READ IT!) and then we got up for breakfast and showers. By the time my mother and sister called, Austin was in full-blown melt down mode and I was reduced to tears (serves me right for staying up until 1am knowing full well Monkey doesn’t sleep in!). Needless to say a cup of coffee and a car ride to the market later, Austin woke up a new child and I was a happy mommy!

We wandered around the market taking in the smells of the fresh fruit, veggies and home made goods that fill the building. We stopped at my favorite bread kiosk, the Boulangerie for bread and pastries. As we were paying, Austin reached into a basket and took a pain au chocolate. The boy has good taste! The flakes of croissant dough were all over his shirt and my back and chocolate was smeared all over his face. It was too cute!

After picking up some peonies we headed to the grocery store and got some lunch. We arrived at Point Pleasant Park and walked along the path until we came to the perfect picnic spot. It was so beautiful at the park. We were sitting on the ocean’s edge and breathing in the salt air. I love the rocky beach, littered with shells and driftwood. It reminds me of home. We chased Austin and soaked up the sun. It was pushing 2pm and I knew another meltdown would soon follow if we didn’t pack up and head home for a much-needed nap. (I could have used one too!)

A few picks from the Boardwalk and Park

We finally got home just after 3pm and, still clueless about what was about to happen, I raced into the house to run to the loo. As I was unlocking the door, I caught sight of balloons in my living room window. I opened the door and my house was full of friends and family. I couldn’t believe that G pulled this off right in front of my eyes. He never surprises me because I am way too nosy and I always guess.

At the end of the day I fell into bed with Austin and G, exhausted and grateful to feel so loved. I could not have planned the day better myself. It truly was as close to a perfect day as I could have ever ordered up!

Thank you to everyone who helped G pull off the surprise and for all your birthday wishes. It’s going to be a great decade!

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