Another weekend gone…

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Plans changed but it was still a fabulous weekend! The weather was gorgeous on Saturday and we took full advantage of it. Monkey had his swimming lessons in the morning and he had a blast. Normally about half way through he just wants to do his own thing but this week he followed the instructor for the full class. He was so proud of himself for floating on his back.

Our playdate/BBQ was rescheduled because the other kiddos weren’t feeling well. We took full advantage of the extra family time and worked in the garden. Gordon mowed the lawn and Monkey helped him. Austin wanted to be just like his Daddy on Saturday.

There is just something about watching Gordon with Austin that makes me love him even more. I know I’m getting mushy but just hear me out…G is not exactly a big gushy guy. He has always been great with kids but he never fully “let go”. With Monkey there is no hesitation, he loves on him in a big way and has so much patience. He gets Austin involved and shows him how to do big boy things but he gets down to Austin’s level and plays baby games with him too. It’s obvious to everyone that G LOVES being a Dad and that is pretty cool.

Sunday was pretty laid back. The weather wasn’t great but we managed to get a few errands done. Poor Monkey got a ding in his forehead where he fell into the corner of a wall. Sometimes I should just wrap him in bubble wrap! Seriously the child has no fear and when he goes, he goes 100%!

I hope he never loses that.

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