Happiness is....

Friday, June 11, 2010

In my world happiness is the simple things.  Like yesterday's day off and spending some quality time with Monkey and friends (two play dates in one day no less!) and then making cinnamon rolls in my kitchen, looking out into the backyard where Monkey is "mowing" the lawn with his bubble mower while G was actually mowing the lawn.

Austin wants to help in the kitchen. Every time I am cooking or baking he wants to help me by adding ingredients or stirring. I went looking for an apron for him and everything was so girlie. So yesterday during our outing to Wal-Mart inspiration hit and I decided that I would make him an apron. I got a pattern and then Monkey picked out the material...really he did. I was all set to get the CARS fabric when he started going nuts over "To-mass" and asked if he wanted red or blue and he said "Boo" so this weekend he will have a Boo To-mass apron to wear when he "helps" in the kitchen.

Happiness is watching Austin drag his new hockey stick (thanks Aunt RyLee) around the house, into the shower, to the store, outside, inside, to the supper table, in to the bath tub and wanting to take it to bed with him. I'm taking this as a major hint that I will be a very proud (and broke) hockey mom. Thank goodness student loan will be paid off before he is old enough for hockey season!

Summer is coming. The sunshine was streaming through our windows this morning an it made it very difficult to get up and ready for work. I can't wait for tomorrow morning and the time to curl up on the living room sofa with my Tassimo skinny latte looking for birds and buses out the window with my Monkey and his hockey stick. I love my weekends. Fingers crossed that we win the Lotto Max tonight so that everyday can be a weekend day. Moments are so fleeting and I feel like there is never enough time to soak them all in!

This summer is going to be fantastic...I can feel it. Maybe it's the full day of sunshine getting to me...but I just know great things are going to happen!


  1. Ok you sooooo need pictures especially of the cinnamon rolls :) I can only assume you didn't use the canned variety LOL. ;) Hungry pregnant woman here...I need pictures of food (actually, just send the food no need for pictures!) hehe :) Glad you got some time w/ your Monkey! <3

  2. Hey Jen, You're right....they are homemade and they are AWESOME! I'll send you the recipe. And I'll post new pics this weekend!


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