The magic of a pencil skirt

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let me start by saying that I had the MOST wonderful weekend! My husband, family and friends pulled off a great surprise party on Saturday afternoon (and let’s face it…it is not easy to pull one over on me!). And the day was perfect. I will post about that as soon as I upload pictures from my camera.

Sunday I had to go get some clothes…I was actually shopping for shoes but I ended up in Ricki’s and then realized that none of my clothes actually fit me well anymore. I found this great hot pink shirt and decided to try on a pencil skirt just for the hell of it. Those of you who know me well know that I don’t wear skirts all that often, but something about this skirt just had me. I tried it on and it was too big. They didn’t have any on the next size down so, on Monday G ended up at MicMac picking up the skirt.

This morning I wore the skirt to work…I don’t know if it the Spanks sucking me in or the way the skirt fits but I feel a little more professional and am sitting up straighter. When I walked down the street for a coffee (thanks to the multiple Starbucks giftcards that I got for my birthday) I walked a little differently too…I think most of that is because there isn’t a lot of room in this skirt to walk like a normal person…I feel a little more confident today. I’ve been getting compliments left, right and centre and even noticed a guy giving me the up-down when I was walking to the bank on my lunch hour. That hasn’t happened in awhile...accept from my hubby of course!

I have to say that I feel fabulous today! I think I need more pencil skirts…and while I’m at it maybe I will revisit the stilettos….maybe….

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