A birthday tribute too funny not to share!

Friday, June 18, 2010

At work we have a little things where we provide some information and Elizabeth Smith (or me in the event Elizabeth isn't around) writes a birthday profile to share with the staff. This was in my inbox this morning and I thought that I would share it here! Thanks for making me smile today Elizabeth!!! (I especially love how she interjected with her stories!)

On June 19th, 1980 our dear little Lisa was born in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Good Lord, I was in college in Ottawa then and partying in Hull, Quebec every Friday and Saturday night!! I am getting OLD.

Anyway, back to Lisa!

Little Lisa was a bit of a performer when she was growing up. She’d sing and dance for just about anyone and would make any piece of furniture a stage, get up on it and perform. I think I saw her doing one of her performances at the Holiday Party at St. Mary’s Boatclub last December. She was definitely up on a table.

Lisa performed in Fiddler on the Roof and Charlotte's Web with the NL Theatre Company.

In high school she went to Ottawa for Forum for young Canadians and met Jean Chretien. In 1998 Lisa was the Corner Brook Winter Carnival Ambassador. I went to Marble Mountain in the late 90’s for a ski trip and there was no snow!! We spent a night in Cornerbrook at Gary’s Place dancing and drinking rum. So, it ended up not being a ski trip for the IWK that year, it was a drinking trip. When I see the commercials for Marble Mountain and how much snow they get, I usually fall over laughing!! Oh, back to Lisa!!

Lisa loves to travel and has done the whirl wind tour of Europe, been to Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal & Nashville.

She used to be quite the groupie with many bands and is seen below hanging out with a very notorious playboy!!

Forrtunately Lisa met Gordon at Bluenotes in the Bedford Shopping Mall while being stocked by one of his friends. It was love at first site and they got married on July 10, 2004 (which happens to be my birthday!!). It was time for her to stop hanging out with the likes of Gene Simmonds and other bad boys like him – thank goodness for Gordon.

I’m no expert (I use to be!!) but Gordon looks like he was smoking something a little funny in this photo!! (I should clarify that this picture was taken in the wee hours of the morning in the Ottawa airport on our wy to Nashville....G didn't smoke anything! lol)

Then on October 14th in 2008, the light of Lisa’s life was born.

That little boy is getting so grown up and is going to keep his mom and dad very busy.

Just about time for another one I think!!

Lisa, hope you have a wonderful birthday on Saturday.

Happy, Happy Birthday!!
From your Foundation Family.

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