Amelia on Ice

Monday, January 21, 2013

Saturday we ventured down to the Oval for skating lessons. You see, I'm going for Mother of the year and forgot to sign Austin up for skating lessons with HRM Rec on the right date and now all the classes are full. And he loves to skate. I cannot justify $125 for skating lessons through minor hockey and so the logical solution is the free lessons at the Oval..yes I said FREE! It's pretty hard to beat free.

Only problem was that Austin didn't want to participate in the lesson. He just wanted to skate, so did Aisygirl, so off they went!

ahhhhh! I just love watching these two friends together :)
Now here is someone who was a little excited

And she did pretty good on the  ice! She moved her little Bob skates pretty well. Her helmet was a little big and we didn't adjust it properly (I'll have it fixed for next time) but we made it work.

Mais oui! We have matching hats :) Thanks True Moon Creations!

The snow was coming down like crazy and the ice was a little sticky. But we all had fun.

Frozen and covered in snow, we made our way to the car. And then to Starbucks...

Amelia's cup was empty but she had great fun "cheers"-ing her brother. Looking forward to doing it again this Saturday!

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