Monday, January 28, 2013

Tonight Gordon and I will leave our kids with their awesome evening/weekend sitter (she's a hockey player and Austin just LOVES when she comes over) and we'll head over to the school where Austin will (hopefully) be attending French Immersion Kindergarten starting in September. I say hopefully because it's technically out of area and we'll need to apply but I'm hopeful that he'll get it.

Yes. Kindergarten (or Primary as they call it here on the mainland)... how did this happen? Just yesterday he was just a tiny human, always in a good mood and well behaved...

And now he's growing up faster than I ever thought possible. I won't lie...some days (most days) I wish time would slow way down. They don't stay babies for long and watching them grow and change is terribly entertaining, but I still miss his "little" days and soon I won't be able to deny it anymore...once he is in "big" school I really won't be able to call him a baby any more. Freeze time...seriously!

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