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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Parade of Lights marks the beginning of the Christmas season for us. It seems like it is acceptable to begin decorating after the annual holiday Parade. After all Santa is there, and it just seems like it would be odd NOT to start getting ready after that. Last year we started a tradition of holding a Holiday Season Kick Off Brunch the morning after the parade. This year it was at our house and it was there that I finally had Dan's Cinnamon Rolls. I had heard of these delicious little baked goods...although they aren't really little  I was told that one bite would do me in...and they were right. After my first bit I professed my love for my friend's husband and tried to barter with her in an effort to enslave him in my own kitchen. (Doesn't hurt that he is almost as easy on the eyes as my own husband ;) ! )

Seriously...look at these things! Can you blame me?!
They were very quick to offer up the recipe (probably so I'd stop trying to trade my kitchen aid for her husband) and during my back to basics weekend I decided to give them a shot.

I open the Pioneer Woman's web site and burst out laughing. Her post begins with:

"A warning. If you follow these instructions and wind up delivering these cinnamon rolls to your friends, be prepared for any of the following to occur:

1. They’ll call you after they’ve taken the first bite and profess their eternal love for every ounce of your body.
2. They’ll pass out after the first bite, hit their head on the kitchen counter, sustain a concussion, and sue you for damages, despite the fact that the one bite they tasted of your cinnamon roll was the single most profound culinary experience in their miserable little life.
3. They’ll call you and ask for the recipe, saying, "HOW did you make those?"
4. They’ll call you and propose marriage.
5. They’ll hug the cinnamon roll pan, get maple frosting all over their clothes, and send you the bill for the dry cleaning."

And ITS TRUE!!!! So go there! Get the recipe and make these bad boys! I warn you they make a lot so either be prepared to share these puppies or get super fat.

1/3 of the dough

I have to admit I am proud of my perfect rectangle...I love my marble rolling pin.
So much butter, sugar and cinnamon. The goodness just could not be contained!
 I didn't use the maple icing that Ree suggests. I ladled (yes...I used a soup ladle) real cream cheese frosting on top moments after removing these bites of heaven from my oven.

So make these....a wee time consuming just because there are a few steps, but oh so worth it!!!

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