Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Can you write a caption for this photo??!


  1. What do you mean there isn't an Easter bunny??? Why am I carry a basket then?

  2. No Gord
    For the last time you can't have my basket to put your action figures in

  3. Gordon: Soooo Drew what do ya think?

    Drew: Gord we been friends a long time man but man you went too far this time.

    Gordon: Come on Drew it's perfect, i buried the bunny here and now when your kids ask are you the Easter Bunny? you won't have to lie. Besides your lookin mighty fine with that basket in your hand.

  4. Gord: I can't believe you forgot easter man, the kids will be heart broken.

    Drew: Yeah I know... you sure I can't pass off that dog poop as an egg?

    Gord: Really dude?!?! ;s

  5. Seriously?...You expect people to take money advice from you?

  6. Why am I still friends with you again?