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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I have been doing a lot of work on my life for a while. Anyone who knows me knows that my type A, everything needs to be planned personality can make changes to my plans hard for me to deal with. I had a vision of what life with my husband was going to be like and our first year of marriage was nothing like I had planned. We bough a house and tried for a family and that did not work out as I had planned.

When Austin came into my world, life threw us a curve ball with his weight gaining issues and that threw my plans for maternity leave and for my well planned out mothering approach for a loop. Let’s face it, I do not deal well with stress when the life of my child is at stake! I’ve written about this before so I won’t go in to detail again. The purpose of this post is to tell you that today I sent a simple thank you to a woman who has changed my life.

I’ve written about Kelle Hampton and shared a link to her birth story before. Today I wrote her to thank her for helping me change my perspective and for inspiring me to make real changes to my attitude and approach to life and happiness. Kelle has been changing people’s lives and she has certainly had an affect on mine. I wrote to her with no expectation that she would read my email, let alone take the time to write me back. This woman has been getting attention from media around the world and I am sure she is bombarded with emails, letters and the like. Well about 5 minutes after I clicked send, she responded. I am still a little amazed but am grateful that she took the time to write me. She thanked me for my words and mentioned how adorable Austin is (of course I sent her a picture…I am that mom that carries his picture around in my wallet and shows him off to everyone, besides this blog is really just a very, very public brag book!).

I encourage you to visit Enjoying the Small Things and soak in her happiness…trust me it really is contagious!

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