Cloth Diapers and Car Crashes

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saturday started out as such a great day! The sun was shinning so I got G to fix the clothes line and I hung Austin’s Fuzzi Bunz out to dry. I’m a dork I know but this is truly the sign that summer is approaching:

G went to pick up the babysitter and we were going to be off on an afternoon date at the spa, that was until my phone rang at 12:30 and G told me he was in a car accident. Lots of drama was followed by a trip to the ER. Thankfully our babysitter was perfectly okay. G on the other hand is still hurting and will be starting physio this week. Just what we needed. 2010 has not been kind to us health wise…..that soon has to change! Anywho this is what our car looks like now:

Needless to say we will be getting a new car. Our dealer is trying to put together the same lease deal for us (we had a sweet, sweet deal!) and I’m waiting to hear back from him to see what they can do for us. Ahh….a trip down south really sounds like a great idea right now…..

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