Saturday morning

Saturday, April 10, 2010

When G and I first got married, Saturday mornings were spent cuddled in bed, talking about what we wanted to do that weekend and day dreaming about our dream home. We'd leisurely make our way out of bed by 10, grab brunch at Cora's and go about our day.

After we bought our house, Saturday mornings were spent in bed picking out colours and talking about our renovation plans. We'd get out of bed around 10 and get to work on our house for a few hours before grabbing lunch out.

Then I got pregnant and Saturday mornings were spent in the bathroom, me gripped with morning sickness and G rubbing my back. As my belly swelled and the morning sickness subsided, we's lay in bed and talk about all the things we needed to do before the baby came.

Now that Austin is here (and is a very busy toddler) Saturday mornings start at 6am. He calls out from his room and one of us hauls ourselves out of bed to go get him. We then spend an hour or so reading books, tickling Monkey and being used as his jungle gym. He laughs and laughs. He runs out to his room and gets a book and comes back asking us to read. Soon enough he askes for "supper" (every meal is supper) and we all get up and start our day.

Saturday mornings may no longer start at 10am with brunch out but there is still lots of cuddling and day dreaming. Nothing beats hearing your name being called by the cutest child ever and him being so happy to see us walking through his door. Some mornings I really wish that call wasn't coming until 8am but still it's worth it.

Now off to 10am swimming lessons and then hopefully the sun will come out and we can make our way to the park. Happy Saturday morning.


  1. Aw! What a cutie!! :) Good news is eventually they do sleep longer. Amelia was waking consistently at 6am but now that we're back here its moved to 730-8! :)

  2. 7:30-8am is my dream! He slept that late on his first New Year's Day. Enjoy that while you can!


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