Adventures in the snow

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last weekend we got a lot of sticky white snow, so of course we took Oz out to enjoy it!

Daddy was clearing the driveway, so of course Austin had to get his own shovel and help.

After the driveway was all cleared we tried to build a snowman but we just couldn't get the snow to come together for us, so we moved to the backyard. Austin was up to his mid thigh in snow and kept getting stuck. He'd fall over on his side and yell "OH NO!!! HELP!'. (My child is a little over dramatic at times). We finally got to the patio and I had the great idea for G to make roads for Austin's dump trucks. He loved it!

 Pretty soon, his cheeks were rosy red and he had worked up quite the appetite. So inside we went for the perfect snowy day soba noodles with chicken and vegetables.

Ahh! nothing quite like adventures in the snow!

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