Good Lord?! Could the past four days have been ANY crazier?!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The Pirate Potty was a big hit on Saturday. Mind you, we still went through 5 pairs of undies but Oz was getting the hang of it by the end of the day. He wore a pull up to bed, woke up dry as a bone and then he only went through 2 pairs of undies on Sunday!! He's very excited about peeing in the Pirate we just need to work on the "other" end of the business.

I'm glad that Oz was doing so well on Sunday because I, on the other hand, was not. I just didn't feel right all day, I couldn't nap, I had no energy and wasn't hungry. I laid down with our little Monkey at 8:30 to put him to sleep for the night and was out like a light. I woke up at 10:30 and that is when it started....twice an hour until 7:15am. At 5:30am I called 811 (not to be confused with 911) because I couldn't even keep water down and I was crazy dizzy. The nurse told me to go to the ER right away.

G dropped me off and I started getting sick again. When they called my name I was so weak, I couldn't even walk and they had to wheel me in. I was quite the sight let me tell you! Hair all disheveled, yogurt and boogers on my yoga pants (I just threw on whatever clothes I could find) with my head down in a plastic lined paper bag. Oh yeah baby! That's why G thinks I'm hot enough to have his babies! (oh and just so you know he did come back after dropping Oz off at the sitter's only to have to leave to go pick him up again at 9am because he was throwing up too.)

Anywho! I was hooked up to an IV and 5 hours, 3 litres of fluid and one prescription later I was discharged and allowed to go home. I had G drop off the drug request and I went home and slept all afternoon.

Now here's a point that I think is pretty critical to the next part of the story. I'm pregnant. And it isn't like you can't tell. Sure, I had that whole "Wow, lay off the cheeseburgers lady" look happening for awhile, but I've definitely popped. And I told the doc and nurse that I was 19 weeks pregnant, if they couldn't figure that out on their own. They did an ultrasound to check the baby out (I didn't get to see anything though) and had to use a doppler to find a heartbeat because they couldn't get a good one on the u/s. So after all of that, the doc- who seemed like a very nice young man- prescribed a drug to treat a bacterial infection that I have that causes birth defects! Seriously!!!

My doc family doc was able to squeeze me in yesterday for a follow up and prescribed something else. She was going to follow up with the ER to let that crazy doc know he could have been sued! (or in her terms- advise the doc of his very serious error)

So it's Wednesday now. I'm still drinking G2 and eating crackers and noodles. Nothing else stays down or tastes good. Not that noodles taste great... Please let me be able to eat good food by this weekend! (on the plus side at my next appt I probably won't have gained too much weight!)

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