Spring has Sprung!

Monday, March 8, 2010

On Sunday I got in the car to run a few errands, when I hit the highway I could have kept going. The sun was shinning, the day was beautiful and I had the car and the radio to myself. It took everything in me not to pass the exit to Lower Sackville and just keep on going, not sure where I would end up or when I would be coming back… instead I took the exit and got groceries…growing boys need to eat!

Growing boy is right! Austin seems to have had a growth spurt over the past week and Gordon and I had to take him shopping for a few tops and bottoms. 18-month pants are too short but fit him around the waist and 24-month pants are a tad long and too big in the waist, poor little guy can’t win. He is officially a big boy, no more onesies for him, he is just too big and they are really inconvenient with the on the go diaper changes (he insists on not staying still while changing the Fuzzy Bunz!)

The sun is shinning again today and I really feel like spring is coming. I am so ready for the warmer weather and for it not to be dark at 4pm anymore. It was so nice this morning to go in and wake Austin up and as we had our morning cuddle with a book the sun was coming in through the window, warming Austin’s little feet. It was so cute to watch him reach out and try to grab the sunlight, as if he has been waiting for spring to come.

One of my favourite blogs is by a photographer who writes about her children. The birth story of her second child was so moving. Her story of the birth of her daughter Nella is the most honest and touching things I have ever read. I doubt I would be able to be that honest so publicly. I don’t think I would be able to put into words the experience of having a child born and then discovering that the perfect baby that was expected has Down syndrome…but I digress…. She posted a Spring To Do list and it got me thinking about my own list:

1) Play in the rain with Austin jumping in as many puddles as we can find!
2) Take Austin to Point Pleasant Park and fly a kite on the edge of the ocean
3) Invite Austin’s friends over for an Easter Egg Hunt
4) Wear more colour (anyone else bored of my black, white and grey wardrobe?)
5) Stop to admire the blooming flowers
6) Buy a playhouse for the backyard and spend our weekends hunting bugs, sliding and swinging in the backyard
7) Go on a picnic

What have you got planned for this Spring?

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