What a week- Part 1

Friday, March 19, 2010

I know people say that all the time but today I mean it!! Since my last update so much has happened and I haven’t been very good at documenting them. Where to start?….

Last Saturday we took Austin to the Discovery Centre. He had so much fun playing in the sandbox, walking across the suspension bridge, and played with the bubbles. Played in the bubbles is probably a better word for it. He was fascinated! He submerged his hands in the bubble solution and took such joy in watching the foaming that resulted from his rapid movements. I took the bubble wand and blew some big bubbles and he squealed with delight as he chased the bubble around the tub. It was so much fun. We tried to put him in a giant bubble but instead of being surrounded in bubbly goodness, he fell and when knee deep in the solution.

Luckily I had packed a change of clothes for him. I stripped him down to his fuzzy bunz while G tried to dry his sock and shoe (of course I didn’t bring extra socks or shoes), got him dressed in his dry clothes and we let him run around the room for small wonders with one bare foot (yes…me the germ-a-phobe…let my child walk around barefoot in a public place). We spent another hour or so at the Discovery Centre helping Austin walk up slated floors that look level, climb into the truck and play in the giant Lego racing car. Every Saturday should be that much fun!

Around 2am on Monday, I hear my little monkey calling out. “Maaaaamy….Mama? MAAAAAAMEEE!” It wasn’t stopping, which meant this wasn’t just a little stir in his sleep. I went into his room, picked him up fully prepared to just rock him back to sleep. And then it hit me….the smell of baby vomit. Not spit up mind you…. Spit up has a distinctive non-threatening aroma…you just wipe it up and its gone. Our first experience with baby vomit was not as bad as it could have been…I’ll spare you the details but I will just say that even my reflux baby has never thrown anything like THAT at me before!

He was still white as a ghost in the morning so I stayed home with him but by the time he woke up from his afternoon nap he was just fine. Austin got some playtime in with his cousin before he left us to live at his mom’s house. While my grocery bill doesn’t miss having a teenage in our house, we certainly miss having him around. Austin still calls out to him every time I say “Supper!” It is really cute, he walks to the top of the basement stairs and yells out “supper dedin!” and then runs over to his seat and gestures frantically until someone picks him up and puts him in (and occasionally climbs up himself if we don’t respond quickly enough for his liking). Leave it to my kid to be able to pronounce ‘supper’ clear as day but he still can’t say ‘more’.

To be continued……

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