Stress baking

Monday, March 1, 2010

I made cake balls this weekend. I am hooked on a blog called Bakerella. The woman does great things! I have been finding her site an exciting escape from the crazy events of this past weekend. It's a long story and one day I'll share but on Saturday I got a new purse and a teenager. It's temporary but we're really happy to have one of our nephews staying with us for the next couple of weeks.

Anyway bake to the baking. I was intrigued with the concept of cake balls so I bought a lemon cake mix and tried them out. It was so easy. Ater I made the cake according to the package directions, I crumbled the cooled cake into my kitchen aid and let that reduce it to crumbs. I added 1 can of cream cheese forsting, formed balls about the size of a quarter and chilled over night in the fridge. Sunday I dipped them in milk chocolate and voila! Cake balls. I know, I know...I used mixes because I didn't want to ruin something that I made from scratch. No worries....last night I made a red velvet cake from scratch and fully intend on making the cream cheese frosting before we head over to wish Adam a happy 13th birthday.  So soon there will be pictures of the Red Velvet cake balls.

Stress baking makes me adventurous in the kitchen!!! Now if I can just get that stress eating under control!

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